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SunSun Lighting Presented in 2011 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair and Held reception dinner

October 21,2011

SunSun Lighting (hereinafter referred to as SunSun) attended Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair from October 27 to 30, 2011 with booth number 1A-A16, and held a customer reception at Hong Kong five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel on October 26. Through this exhibition, SunSun, together with domestic and overseas clients, seeks for development in the tremendous prospect of LED lighting market.

In this lighting fair, SunSun launches new style LED lamps and luminaries, i.e. T8, Par lamp, downlight and desk lamp, including 12W bulb which first adopts silicon substrate in the globe. SunSun has always been trying to bring wholly new experience of commercial and indoor lighting for its clients. It adheres to the product design principle that, LED lighting products, besides used for lighting, should further be light of life to lighten working place, leisure site, family emotional communication etc. Thus SunSun has been keeping improving and pursuing perfect balance between high lighting effect and low cost.

The exclusive patent, i.e. PowerXplore drive and integration technology, is applied in SunSun LEDbulb, and its power supply conversion efficiency reaches up to 92%, 10%-20% higher than that of main stream products in the market. The efficacy of 7W A19 ball bulb reaches 70lm/W in warm white, 80lm/W in cold white and 90 in color rendering properties with reasonable cost. The first 12W silicon substrate chip bulb in the globe is designed with overturning cost structure compared with sapphire and it is predicted to be put into the market at the end of the year.

As for SunSun’s T8 tube, Par lamp and downlight , unique light source, heat dissipation and structure design are adopted, guaranteeing superior performance of the whole lamp. The efficacy reaches 65lm/W-85lm/W and power supply built-in is available for easy retrofit. Likewise, desk lamp is suitable for home and hotel environment with ingenious color change technology and exquisite design as well as simple and easy operation.

SunSun is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, production and promotion of LED lighting and gains support of venture capital fund provided by GSR ventures(one of the most famous venture capital focuses in early and growth stage technology companies ). Its product line covers commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting. The company is composed of a group of well-experienced industry experts and highly-competent professional management personnel. The production base is located in Changzhou, occupying a land of 500 mu, and the annual production capacity of LED bulbs will reach 30 millions.

In this reception dinner, SunSun gave introduction to major products and released new technology so as to make it known to more clients. During exhibition from October 27 to 30, SunSun greeted domestic and overseas clients to our booth for guidance.