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SunSun Lighting Receives $10 Million Financing from GSR

June 25,2011

On June 8, 2011, the signing ceremony for the occasion that SunSun Lighting has received financing of 10-million US dollars from GSR was held in Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou. This indicates that SunSun Lighting is one of the few down-stream LED lighting enterprises that received risk investment in China.

“Our advantage lies in the PowerXplore technology on which we own proprietary intellectual property rights with 4 international patents in LED drive and system integration. Compare with others, SunSun’s lighting products achieve higher lumen efficacy at lower cost in same luminous intensity. In addition, with the aid of the financing activities of GSR and the large-scale production effects, we will market the products with revolutionary price.” Sun Jianning, CEO of SunSun Lighing was confident for this event.

The investment of GSR to SunSun Lighting reveals the great expectations that LED is spreading into general lighting field. The international risk capital favored the down-stream application of LED will definitely promote LED technology to cut over into lighting field, posing a far-reaching significance on solid state lighting industry. “LED Lighting would find its way into every family in couple of years”, as Wu Shenjun Managing Director of GSR said.