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SunSun Lighting’s Entrance into Japanese Market

February 12,2012

Japan, one of the first countries declaring the phase-out of incandescent lamp, ranks among the most attractive markets of LED lighting in the globe. SunSun Lighting has launched formal entrance into Japanese market by virtue of its disruptive technologies and R&D capabilities after comprehensive research and preparations.

On the Lighting Japan – 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo held in Tokyo of Japan during January 18 – 20, 2012, SunSun Lighting presented brilliant performance. With great honor Mr. Sun Jianning, General Manager of SunSun Lighting, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Expo as one of the special guests.

With the largest exhibition area among all the participators, SunSun Lighting gave an overall presentation of its internationally-patented PowerXplore technology, and displayed such LED products for indoor lighting as globe, T8, desk lamp, downlight and PAR lamp, as well as the latest smart lighting control system.

The super light 5W LED Globe launched in this show received broad praise for its delicate design and outstanding performance, where SunSun Lighting’s feature of “High Performance, Low Cost” got most exact expression.

By following new market tendency in Japan, SunSun Lighting also has launched L-shaped T8 tube that is in compliance with the updated JEL standard, providing most reliable safety guarantee.

During the Expo, SunSun Lighting organized a grand dinner for its clients, giving detailed introduction to its company status and product lines, as well as schedule for entrance into Japanese market. Attribute to its cost-effective products, SunSun Lighting is full of confidence in occupying a significant part of fierce-competing Japanese market.